Sunday, July 26, 2009

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When it comes to landscaping, Robbie does it all. Concrete, pavers, water features, retaining walls, mowing, etc. We had our backyard excavated and hired Robbie to pour a concrete walkway from our existing patio on the back of the house all the way around the side of the house to the driveway out front. Great price and incredible service! He setup the forms on one day and poured the concrete on another. Each day he showed up, including the day of the estimate, he was always on time. Anyone with a busy schedule can appreciate that.

Robbie can landscape entire yards OR landscape parts of it for you. He can go one step further with his service and he'll get you started with your landscaping and let you finish what you want if budget is a concern. For example, he can deliver gravel for pavers, level and tamp the gravel, setup the boarder and then you can place the pavers. Need materials at a great price? Call Robbie.

Swashbuckler Landscaping, owned by Rob (Robbie) Witters at 425.754.4873 or email him at . Start with a phone call. It's the fastest way to reach him.


I enjoy doing some landcaping myself, but not concrete. The photo below is after Robbie poured our walkway. Now I can start filling in the blanks. My family used to have to walk on the wet ground to get to the trash cans or to get the front yard. Now we can walk barefoot on the concrete walkway. Very Nice!

Robbie did an amazing job with the transition of the walkway at one level, to the height of the driveway at another level.

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