Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Our house on December 30th, 2003

These two photos of our house were taken December 30th, 2003. I wonder what December 30th will look like this year! We live in Federal Way, WA.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Mt. Rainier, Sunrise side, in August of 2003

This is a photo I took from the Sunrise section of Mt. Rainier in August of 2003. More info on Mt. Rainier at . In 2003 we hiked different areas around Mt. Rainier for three months almost every weekend. The weather was this nice almost everytime we went. The mountain is practically in our backyard. We're very lucky. The best part about living near Seattle is when you're driving around the south sound the moutain appears to come out of nowhere. We're always going around different turns and saying, "Wow, look at that. The mountain look incredible today!"

Get plenty of sleep

A good reason to get plenty of sleep. Article found at