Thursday, August 03, 2006

Moab Utah 4x4 Jeep Tour with Dan Mick - The Best Place to Jeep

Where is the best place to Jeep? Moab Utah. We travelled to Moab Utah recently and while we were there we were lucky enough to find Dan Mick. Want the Jeep ride of your life? It's this easy. Call Dan right now and set a date. 1/2 day or all day. The greatest 4x4 tour guide in the Moab area. This post was made in August of 2006. The link to the video is new as of May 2011 when we went back for the 3rd time with our own Jeep and Dan guided us around Poison Spider Mesa all day long. Awesome!

This was the most visually stunning tour I've ever taken. If you're in Moab or are looking for a reason to go then the reason should be a tour with Dan Mick. While we were on the tour, another tour company stopped near us and had at least eight people on their tour yell out at the same time, "DANS THE MAN!!!". We knew right then and there that we were with someone special.

Dan knew the history of the entire Moab area. He's been around the area since 1979. We saw sights that most people who pass through Moab may never see. Dan's tours have a personal touch to them that you might not find with the larger tour companies in the area and he let us take our dog. That was a huge deal for us since we didn't have a place to keep our dog if we couldn't take him on the tour.

Here's a new video clips of Dan driving us around. We went out with Dan again in May of 2011


These photos are from 2006:
I got out of the white Jeep after we went down this hill. Dan went back up with my Wife and dog in the back and then came back down so I could get these photos. I think this hill was called Dragons Tail.

What you see in this photo is a wall of rock. We went up it in the Jeep. It was the most fun I've ever had. It was over 100F that day and we went up dozens of hills where we just sat back in the seat and were looking up at the blue sky because the hills were so steep. If we weren't stairing at blue sky then we were staring at the ground with our legs stretched almost straight out standing on the floor board as we went down steep hills.

Here's another photo of Dragon's tail.

Here's one of Dan's Jeeps.

This was part of the outer rim trail and looks down on the Colorado River. You can see my shadow. There was nothing between me and the edge of the cliff. The feeling you get in Moab is incredible. Everything is grand.