Sunday, July 09, 2006

2005.5 Jetta TDI with Oil Where I Don't Think It Should Be

Here's an update to my original blog. The original blog is from the # symbols down. This photo is what the dealer told me is the PCV tube/valve. Directly in the center of the photo is where the PCV valve dumps directly into the outside filtered air line after the air filter and directly before the turbo inlet. They said the oil goes through the PCV valve and builds up in the air line before the turbo inlet and the seapage I'm seeing is within factory specifications. The receipt they gave me stated, "Found comercially acceptable seapage from turbo inlet...area cleared oil and reinstalled underbelly shield".
I have a 2005.5 Jetta TDI and just did the 20k oil change with the recommended 505.01. I changed my own oil and the view you see in the first photo is with me lying underneath the oil pan looking straight up. The pipe with oil on it looks about 3/4" dia. and the larger pipe above it, on the left of the pipe, had oil on it that looked like it might have dripped onto the 3/4" dia. pipe.

I don't know what these pipes are or where the oil is coming from. Does anyone know? My username at is nofreerides. I have to mention that like many new TDI owners I noted that the oil on the diptstick was above MAX and that the dealer said that was normal and even showed me a brand new car on the lot whose oil dipstick was at the same location as mine above the MAX mark on the dipstick. The oil level reached the top of the ball on the dipstick. If you think this may have contributed to the oil on these pipes, please let me know where you think the oil may have come from and if there is a big issue that I need to look into.

Click on photos for FULL size photo.


This is a closer view of the two pipes after I cleaned them up. See where the larger of the two pipes goes into a fitting? That is where I saw oil also.
This photo is from the top of the engine looking down. Click on it for full size image. In the very center of this photo you can see the black plastic where the duct from the airbox enters the turbo. There is some oil residue on the black plastic. Look at the next photo.
In this photo I'm under the car, under the oil pan, looking up and click on the photo to see the the oil drip that is forming on the black plastic duct just before it enters the turbo. No oil on the metal part that fits inside of the black plastic duct. Any idea where the oil is coming from? It's a very small leak. I don't have much oil dripping onto the cover underneath the oil pan.